Transformer Core Design Application

Unicore Control Software

I wrote this for a local manufacturer, AEM Cores. They had invented this brilliant new technology for making power transformer cores called Unicore.

A unicore assembled and split in halves

A unicore assembled and split in halves

For their first model machine I created a simple application that allowed editing and uploading of core configuration files. This was well received by their customer base as previously they had been using a DOS application and to put it nicely it challenged the machine owners.

Since making bad cores is an expensive thing to do, management decided that the new Model machine the UCM3000 and later the UCM4000 would have a full core design application with the ability to supervise the machine’s core production and to guide the operator through the process. If you look at the left most core – you will see that it is actually a left, a right, and an outer core.


UCM3000 Unicore machine


The application comprised:

  • Core designer capable of several core types and a myriad of core options
  • Core production supervisor
  • Machine maintenance schedule
  • Automatic uploading/updating of embedded control software
  • Integrated help – help is available in print as well



Here are some screen shots:

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