SOS Backups – saves my day!

Yesterday my main software development workstation spat one of it’s 2 hard disks out when I turned it on. A complete failure as the disk configuration was for speed not safety. I chose that configuration nearly 5 years ago – knowing and trusting that I could rely on my SOS backup service to save the day. Over the years, it’s saved other business’s when they have had disc failures, gear stollen or zapped by power surges.

My workstation blew up at 7am yesterday after I had been working on dimetimesheets till 1am previously.

A late nighter – Was it all lost?
Last thing I did with blury eyes was hand launch a SOS backup of my workstation and told it to power off afterwards.

So far checking the backup – I havent lost anything – I have yet to restore it all – but I have restored dimetimesheets work environment and it’s all there – so was my email. Phew!

SOS – yes I eat my own dog food. That’s a nerd expression.

Word’s can’t express how relieved I was to see all my work and files safely sitting on the SOS server. It’s also brilliant that the files are here with me in the office, right where the repairs are being carried out, and not in some far away place only accessible by many hours of downloads.