Maggie Strike!

Had a tremendous day out flying today at my club’s flying field. It’s that time of year when magpie’s chase our aircraft and attack them. So I put the camera on my little red plane to see what a Maggie looks like in flight.


These stills are individual frames from the footage and there are a lot of them here – but you really should step through them – there are a couple that are absolutely stunning – real wow material.

Old men: (Special instructions for the aged members of the Eagle Scale Aircraft Group) These photos will step through on their own every 7 seconds, or you can put your mouse on the photos and click through them.

[slideshow id=5 w=800 h=450]


Filmed with my junk airframe a Flyzone Beech Staggerwing that has had the power plant updated.

R.I.P. StaggerWing

Yesterday (Sunday a week after I took the shots) I returned to the field and set up the little red stagger wing for a anther filming session. On take off she didn’t seem to want to climb and after about 50% of a circuit she went into the ground right wing tip and nose. The tail didn’t hit the ground. I have just completed the removal of the radio and motor etc. When I got to the servo tray (which was very brittle) – the elevator servo was basically smashed out but the rudder one wasn’t.  This fits what happened when I was flying, we didn’t seem to want to go up much. Perhaps the magpie won the battle after all!