Goodbye GoPro Hero 3

Come on GoPro be MY Hero!

Thinking about buying a GoPro 3? Or an earlier model? Here’s my story, for others – google GoPro wont turn on.

As I write this I am reluctantly filling in the the RMA request to GoPro to return my GP3Black and collect my full within 30 days refund. I don’t want to do this for 2 reasons:

  1. When it works it’s amazing! No really this thing ROCKS! If you see my earlier post Maggie Strike! you will have some idea what I was planning to do with the GP3. I also have this instructional video I need to make.
    With my GoPro (and many many others it would seem) you don’t just turn it on and use it. You have to charge, remove the battery, remove the memory card, pray to your gods, stand on one foot, cross your left index finger – or who knows what scheme to beg it to turn on. If you need to film something – it just wont turn on at that moment.
  2. I have to pay about $80 to ship it back to the USA – that will mean $160 in totally wasted shipping. Oh and a slightly broken heart. I want this thing in my life.I have a better idea – let me pay shipping for a replacement unit and let me keep the dead one. What’s going to happen to the dead one in the USA? and how much is it really worth in it’s current useless state? Bet it’s not worth the $80 shipping to return it.

It’s a crying shame because of the image clarity – ease of use – quality of engineering – I love it!

I have tried contacting GoPro support – I have a case number (419103) – but no response so far. Hmmm????

Yes I have updated the firmware – automatically and by hand. I am using the recommended 64Gb class 10 memory cards. I have two – neither makes any difference. Yes I have formatted them.

I have asked if an exchange¬† can be made here in Australia – saving me a lot of postage…. but will I hear from anyone at GoPro?

So if your thinking of buying a GoPro3 – buy locally so you can get to your store and make an exchange. But be prepared – this turn on fault seems to be rather common in the GoPro 2 and 3 family and seems to appear from out of the box or out of the blue. Mine was playing up from out of the box.

I can’t find anyone saying ‘GoPro told me to……’ to try and diagnose the fault, but in fairness I can find ‘GoPro RMA …. quickly and painlessly’. I am now hoping to join the second group so that I can use the cash on something else as amazing. Suggestions? – email me please.

If only GoPro would:

  • answer emails (must be busy shipping GoPros that turn on – they can’t all be bad),
  • answer support requests in a couple of working days…,
  • talk about this particular fault. There seems to be little or no mention of this fault officially.

My RMA request

PS Don’t re-size the text box on the bottom of the RMA form – the box and then the page dies and you have to start again – sigh

My RMA text – gotta paste it somewhere to redo the form

My GP is faulty – it has the wont turn on fault. It does turn on – occasionally but not with out battery removal and much plugging and unplugging of chargers, usb connections. I have yet to find a reliable turn on proceedure. A red led glows dimly on the rear of the camera when it wont turn on – indeed that will turn on but nothing more. My guess is the software wont boot.

I lodged a support request a week ago – heard nothing.

I have manually updated the firmware and automatically. It says it’s up to date. It has taken footage since the updating.

Looking round on the internet for a solution – clearly a lot of people have this same fault. I have lost confidence that these wonderful devices are reliable. They seem to be able to take a punishment and yet the simple function of turning off and on didn’t last 24 hrs on my desk? The video from this unit is amazing – if only I was able to determine when I used it – not the camera.

I would like take advantage of the 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to  minimise my financial loss.

Not particularly pleased about this – by the time I have paid for shipping twice between US and Australia – I will be $160 worse off with no camera.

Is it possible to exchange the unit at a dealership in Australia? That would be a far better outcome.

Reluctant to give up on this camera. But I need a working camera urgently.

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Tim Burgess