Emailing large photos in Thunderbird – How To

This is for Thunderbird users…

The Problem:

Your on holidays and your taking lovely snaps and you want to email them home. So you write your email and then attach your photo and click send. Then you get messages about your photos being to big.

The Fix

  • In Thunderbird, select Tools -> Addons from the menu
  • In the search all addons box type photo resize and then click search (the magnifying glass)
  • Select the addon Auto Resize Image and click the install button
  • Exit Thunderbird
  • Restart Thunderbird
  • Write an email, attach your photos – DON’T click send yet


  • Click the resize button
  • Answer yes to the question




  • Your images are re-sized
  • Click send


How’s that 18.2Mb of images are now only 734kb!