Camtasia rotten workflow with audio – another crash/bug

So the voice over dude has recorded the script and gone home. Now I am sitting here with 8 movies that have captions loaded with the text script.

Before voice over dude, I had fed each script line (caption) to a text to speech bit of software and created a ton of mp3 files of a computer speaking the script.

Then I placed the mp3 files on the time line and I had a rough edit of the finished movie.

The mp3 files are all named with numbers and letters representing the scene and the line of text position.

So I chop the voice over dude’s reading up into the same named mp3 files and drop them on top of the computer’s mp3 files.I have just swapped the dude for the computer.

Now when I start camtasia I will have a movie that might need a little timing adjustment – but hey it’s 99% finished – right?




Camtasia starts up and says hey! all the media files have been changed. It represents each one with a cute ghost icon and says it that it wont include that file in the render until you import the new media.

This means in my case about 89 ghost icons need

  • right click on the ghost icon
  • select update media
  • go to the original file in the original location and select it
  • are you sure?

It’s like 2013 right – DOS era work flows are dead arent’ they.

But that unbelievably, is not the worst of it.

Update say 10 of the ghosts and then save the project because you never know when Camtasia will crash and destroy your project file. You really need to get out and make a backup copy of your project file or you will loose a lot of work – often.

However, when you try to save the file with some ghosts updated – you are told there has been an error and you are offered to save your work as a new project file. When you do this – you get told that there has been an error and you are offered to save your work as a new project file

you get the picture another stinking bug!

So now I live in the hope that I will be able to remove all my media files from my project and then re- add them and finish my movie…… what’s the bet I can’t.

Once this job is finished – if I am ever able to finish it with Camtasia – I will be removing Camtasia – it’s way too poorly coded.

Clearly no one at Camtasia is using Camtasia to do real work – you wouldnt release software this disfunctional.