Camtasia eats my work – again

Can’t wait till this movie build is done and I can leave Camtasia alone!

Our battle to the death continues!

Spent the morning working with it and it hasn’t crashed – BUT it has eaten an entire project.The morning’s work is lost again. My deadline passed 8 days ago! I am so close to a result it would be crazy to change tools now.

So here’s my Camtasia 8 tips

  • Buy something else – this things gonna kick your arse!
  • Double or triple your estimate of how long your video is going to take – your about to meet the ex-wife of software!
  • I was switching between 4 project files this morning and suddenly Camtasia started saying that the project was corrupt – should we use the back up copy?  Never answer yes! The back up copy is ages old!
  • Render all source video in Camtasia’s own codec – yes a project for each video file. Yes you will need to check the rendering settings every time – some of them seem to be unset each time you return.
  • Always take backups every hour of working with Camtasia.
  • Always make copies of project files. – Multiple copies!
  • Never switch projects inside Camtasia. Exit and start again. If you think that’s bad read about the audio work flow and the little ghosties. OMG!
  • Don’t have comfort food within 100 meters – you will eat anything from the stress. When I work with Camtasia, my darling wife regularly delivers fresh fruit so that I am constantly full and cant eat chips and chocolate – which she’s hidden.

Your not alone!

I know I am not the only one out there experiencing all of these Camtasia issues – if you could see the web traffic I am getting for these Camtasia stories – WOW!