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Camtasia eats my work – again

Can’t wait till this movie build is done and I can leave Camtasia alone!

Our battle to the death continues!

Spent the morning working with it and it hasn’t crashed – BUT it has eaten an entire project.The morning’s work is lost again. My deadline passed 8 days ago! I am so close to a result it would be crazy to change tools now.

So here’s my Camtasia 8 tips

  • Buy something else – this things gonna kick your arse!
  • Double or triple your estimate of how long your video is going to take – your about to meet the ex-wife of software!
  • I was switching between 4 project files this morning and suddenly Camtasia started saying that the project was corrupt – should we use the back up copy?  Never answer yes! The back up copy is ages old!
  • Render all source video in Camtasia’s own codec – yes a project for each video file. Yes you will need to check the rendering settings every time – some of them seem to be unset each time you return.
  • Always take backups every hour of working with Camtasia.
  • Always make copies of project files. – Multiple copies!
  • Never switch projects inside Camtasia. Exit and start again. If you think that’s bad read about the audio work flow and the little ghosties. OMG!
  • Don’t have comfort food within 100 meters – you will eat anything from the stress. When I work with Camtasia, my darling wife regularly delivers fresh fruit so that I am constantly full and cant eat chips and chocolate – which she’s hidden.

Your not alone!

I know I am not the only one out there experiencing all of these Camtasia issues – if you could see the web traffic I am getting for these Camtasia stories – WOW!

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Posted by Tim - February 7, 2013 at 3:57 am

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Help Camtasia Stop Crashing

I think I might have stumbled on a trick to stabilize the beast Camtasia 8!

Note: I have nothing to back this claim up – and someone might say this is ridiculous. It really works for me – so far…..

This is offered to all of those out there wrestling with Camtasia crashing constantly. I hope this helps – if it does – please let me know.

Camtasia has me backing up my video work 3-4 times a day out of shear fear…. coz when she blows – she takes your work with her. She loves to scribble all over your project file. Just like it used to be back in the days of CPM – you probably don’t know what I am talking about here…. 1970’s computing.

The story behind the discovery

Recently whilst attempting to edit my movie – see my other Camtasia stories…. I noticed that I worked for an ENTIRE DAY on a 30 minute film with lots of edits and NO Camtasia crashes.

It dawned on me whilst driving the next day….. so what had I done different?

I was filming a pump and I needed to crop the video. So I had used Virtual dub (what a legend!) to run over the video from my camera and used a null transform to crop the film. But I hadn’t compressed the video.

Loading this into Camtasia just fed it’s bugs.  We were crashing our brains out, audio was stammering – you name it it was happening.

It was then I chose to create a new project with just the cropped video and get Camtasia to produce it at the same resolution. I was trying to see if Camtasia and I had met the end of the road as I feared we would. It successfully produced the video but it choked on it if you tried to play it in Camtasia (the original clip).

However when my movie project was changed to use the Camtasia produced render of my virtual dub cropped movie, Camtasia IMMEDIATELY become sane and has since behaved, and not crashed.

There was a substantial size reduction in the movie clip, but I wonder if the Camtasia codec is also way, way less memory hungry and less crash happy than their other codecs

So try using Camtasia to produce your original footage in their codec – Yes that seems to mean a separate project for each piece of your source footage. Yes it’s a pain – but you might stop the beast crashing – think about that!

Now if I could just batch encode all my source footage with the Camtasia codec….

I can’t get this done in Virtual Dub or I would. Surprise! The Camtasia codec wont let you encode with software other than Camtasia. Way to go Camtasia!

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Posted by Tim - February 6, 2013 at 2:08 am

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