Software Creations,  Linux Server Support

I specialise in custom software solutions for business. Those business’s are usually manufacturers or technical workshops.

What do I do?

I  create custom software, designed and built to solve your problems the way you want it done.

  • I can reach into data you already have – no matter how it was created.
  • Write software to let humans talk to machines – driver or control software
  • Measure and monitor the real world via sensors.
  • Communicate with devices – it’s my speciality!
  • Collect new data
  • Produce reports from any data you have – in new and exciting ways.
  • My teaching experience means I like training and creating training materials. Handy for making manuals for a something you build and sell.
  • I offer an off-site backup solution for servers called SafeOffSite
  • I build amazingly solid computer systems/networks
  • Build MYOB and Quickbooks multi-user installations that are solid!

Where Can You See My Work?

Take a look at the Projects menu on this site. This site is fairly sparse – getting it up to date has been taking a back seat to real work!

  • SyringePumpPro – an application I sell the world over. Version 2 in development.
  • DimeTimesheets – a very different approach to employee time sheets – In development
  • TodoWhatWhen – a Todo application designed for business’s. It has special features like tracking tool calibration, publication updates, and generally reminding a business when periodical tasks need doing. – in development

Server Support – You almost never see me!

No server boots for 200 days at a time!I also build install and maintain Linux servers.  I do a little server administration  – and that’s because my servers run for months at a time with little or no intervention.

Uptime from a server I maintain